Pending Karma, Vastu and Saint's Visit

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Pending Karma, Vastu and Saint's Visit

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Consultation date October 14, 2019

A1038 - Consultation - Excerpts
Date: February 17, 1985
Time: 11:22:00
Place: 75 E 22' 00", 32 N 26' 00"
Kanpur, India


1. You are scared of pet dog, animals - (Ketu in 6th house)
Ans. yes, a lot

2. You wear red brown bathroom sleepers (Rahu in 12th house)
Ans. Not at home - yes in shop - confirmed

3. You get Strange dreams and don't get proper sleep as you think a lot (Rahu in 12th house)
Ans. Yes

4. You have regular infections in neck (3rd House with Gullika Mandi)
Ans. Yes, a lot. Help me on this

5. You get lot of ideas to win over the world in one night (Rahu in 12th house)
Ans. Yes

6. You have a very antique good wooden chair at your house possibly used by mother (4th house/mother in Leo sign which means nice chair/position, Saturn aspects shows antique/old, Wood made as per planet, D9 confirms)
Ans. Yes, a Wooden Sofa which was used by mother - from time of marriage - Got re-furbished and have given to someone recently.

7. In your bedroom you have actual or photo of weapon like knives or sword. (Krittika Nakshatra - Knife/Blade in 12th house with rahu in it)
Ans. Yes, there is a picture of us holding swords from recently travelled place and We have kept knives below the bed due to kids.

8. In SW corner of house there is temple where old food(Prasad) and water is there. (9th house aspected by Saturn)
Ans. No, there is kitchen there and we are frustrated with spoiled food and blocked water pipes.

9. You are stubborn about people to listen and do things exactly as you want without questions (7th Saturn + 10th aspect of Saturn+Sun from 10th house)
Ans. True

10. Not able to work hard (Saturn in sign 8 - water sign & Bhav Chalit Saturn with Ketu showing lazy)
Ans. True

11. Stomach is mostly upset (5th House sign of Virgo with lord 6th from itself and depositor in 12th further aspect of Mars)
Ans. Very True

12. Your mothers Sister/Sibling should have done a Girl child abortion with reason to get a male child. (6th House - 3rd from 4th house)(I said this in flow with intuition so came true)
Ans. Yes, My mother's Sister got it done due to same reason

13. In 1997 due to a girl you were kicked around your naval where specifically the kick was done by using below area of the feet(Talva), not by knee or leg. (Mars in sign of pieces with 8th aspect on 6th house and confirmation in D9)
Ans. Yes, very true. In 7th class I happened exactly like that.

14. Lower Abdomen (waist line) will have surgery for sure in future. (Previous predictions confirming pattern for Mars and Ketu showing surgery)
Ans. May be, I am overweight.

15. You have marriages in cousins? (A5, A7, A3 together in 3rd house with lord in 9th and depositor in 7th house)
Ans. Not sure - Check. Later confirmed yes by sister.

16. IMPORTANT - One old saint will come to you who will be wearing black/blue and torn clothes or bag. He may be drunk too. He will either give or take food/money. He will be very SPECIFIC to what he needs. Make sure to do as he says. He most probably will come on Saturday.
(Overall consultation was post meditation with intuition, I was in mood so confidently said in flow which I knew will come true where got hints from 9th house with aspects of Saturn. Where point 8 above went little wrong means things are fine and said accordingly.)

Client contacted again via call and his sister by whatsapp & call to tell that
On October 19, 2019, A saint came as described who asked Rs.85 exact. During that time client's father was there who gave Rs. 50 and asked him to go away.


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