Kundlini, Conversation with Shiva, Game with life and Death - Aardra at play

People can share their personal charts in here while astrologers can reply minor questions.
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Kundlini, Conversation with Shiva, Game with life and Death - Aardra at play

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It was Detailed reading and not Pending karma reading while lot of predictions related to pending karma were given in flow.
Lot of Dramatic words used so kindly dont be judgemental. As astrologers we shouldn't be.

Client ID: A1111
Date: February 4, 1993
Time: 2:30:00
Place: 77 E 12' 00", 28 N 36' 00"
New Delhi, India
Nakshatra: Aardra (Ra) (85.50% left)
Tithi: Sukla Dwadasi (Me) (55.82% left)


1. Do you have red and white around you
Ans - Yes a red truck and a whitish boiler

2. You drink lot of milk
Ans. Yes, Lot of when in Sadhna specially

3. You are very imaginative about your future
Ans. I used to be, not much now.

4. You are interested to buy a Camper Van
Ans. Yeah yeah, ghar war main kya rakha hai.

5. Your childhood wasn't good
Ans. It was very bad

6. You don't get along with father and mother
Ans. Yeah not at all

7. You are not good with father, people with authority and have a habit of questioning?
Ans. Yes

8. You have self inflicted your hand with fire when young.
Ans. Yes, when young I burned my hand and its hair. When in 10th have tried to cut my hand with knife but wasn't successful.
So i ingested to have a acid chemical to inflict damage on myself to gain attention as my parents didn't listen to me.

9. Your father has spent lot of money on you but now he is not interest as spending money on you as he sees it wasting. Your father took money from someone else in last birth now repaying via you.
Ans. Yeah now he doesn't want to spend more money on me. He thinks spending money on me is wasting money.

10. At 3 years old, you got some kind of accident
Ans. I got jaundice when born and was burnt. There was stitches on head near eyebrow. I also fell from bed on a sewing machine.

11. You tried suicidal attempt ?
Ans. Yes some times by self inflicting. I am not afraid of death and all

12. You dont change barber a lot
Ans. I dont change barbers and later wasn't satisfied thus cut myself.
For barber ceremony went to vaishnu devi

13. You have madness in studies. Once you start you cant stop.
Ans. Yeah Yeah Yeah

14. When things go wrong you like to destroy everything
Ans. Yeah Yeah Yeah Thats the case.

15. Till November 2019 things were going bad after that it improved
Ans. Yes

16. Was Nani used to live around or died around a slum area
Ans. Yeah she used to live in a slum kind of aloof area.

17. When your Nani died then there was dispute. Your mother said some thing ill.
Ans. Yes, She starting blaming me infront of everyone even body that because of me Nani died. Nani used to love me. The person cant leave body when person who loves sits around.
I have attended funeral, had fight in Nani funeral only.
I have a habit of laughing at funerals. So was very hard to for me to stop when everyone is crying awkwardly.

18. Your grandfather had secret relationships
Ans. Oh Yeah, hahaha, he had lot of female followings in society. Affairs with many aunties in society. My new grandfather was real brother of my actual grandfather. When my grandmother married the younger brother when the real elder grandfather died.
He was initially rich, later stopped earning money as why to earn more as real son is already settled

19. You have fear of being involved with girls
Ans. Yes, Its like that. like like... acha just leave it.

20. You don't like people to touch you or come close.
Ans. Yes, not even come close and talk to me.

21. Psychological issues with Girls/sister. But you could control is later.
Ans. She used to throw things at me even knife
I used to beat her a lot for quite period of time cruelly
around class 10-12
Later I started Sadhna and all and was able to control her mentally
When she used to do damage to me she used to get damaged herself

22. You were very judgemental about her
Ans. I called her and she confirmed me as I became very much did later.

23. Your spiritual experiences involves a lot of female energy.
Ans. I had feelings for my sister in meditation it used to get hiked. I saw Godess in her and asked my sister SOFT to stand still so i can touch her feet. SOFT stand still
P. Wow, Your graha related to it is ruled by deity named Komala.
Ans. Yeah and she looked very SOFT too.
(Prateek here has changed the name of sister to its english meaning to hide client identifiable detail)

24. If don't mind you, shows your relation with her.
Ans. I Wouldn't say but family members used to complain as I used to kiss her a lot. Wait wait when I used to do Sadhna then my sexual imagination with her used to come in and rise.

25. Relationship with sibling shows up.
Ans. I had two years of physical relationship with Sibling (Male). Even when I am Not Gay.
I told sister and other cousin about it. but other cousin denounced everything that he will tell everyone. I felt guilty later thus I stopped with meditation but was molested by him.

26. You have burning type infection at private areas
Ans. Yes, Its not on spot can say Pubic area.

I have questions about career, relationships, family and education.
All male members take career to great height then stop working and loose money and female members get sick and mental issues.
Answers were given for future not mentioned here

I went very deep in Saadhna went into emotional conversation with Shiva who used to tell me which mantra to chant. Went into Ayurveda seriously and started healing people. I went deep in Ugra Saadhnas and Tantrik yogas. I learned how to control ejaculation without hurting myself.
My bigest experience was to meet the Lord in 2010.
You have to do pact with lord when practicing Kundilini and last birth Guru also help.
Once I asked lord Shiva to give me peaceful death.

27. In that You were able to focusly pull it inside with hugh energy burst consistently for good amount of time with erection experience Kundilini experience with huge energy burst consistent 30 minutes. with warmth in whole spine and at times not able to sleep at night.
Ans. Yes, used to feel lot of energy, couldnt sleep at night and my body used to burn specially the spine.

28. You can predict amazingly on chart.
Ans. Yes I can with videos I have gone through on youtube. I am able to predict 5-10 predictions which used to be correct.

29. Without chart also you can predict on astrology
Ans. Cant say. But yes when I see listen two people then I can predict lot about them.

30. You could see aura and para normal
Ans. Yes, I could see it but also felt it may be maya. Also I was possessed by a ghost from my brother's place. maybe before 2014. It didn't used to do anything in morning but at night it used to make me drunk without anything. I was able to control it with Kal Ratri mantra and asked it to leave.

31. You could live without eating too.
Ans. Yes in 2018, I could do that. I used to tell people that I can taste wine, chicken without having it. I used to think and chicken and all used to come in my stomach.

32. Having a single spoon of food was enough to satisfy
Ans. Yeah Yeah Yeah

33. You wake up without alarm and very precise time everyday.
Ans. Yes, I dont need alarm and wake up at very precise time.

34. On mantras you were very precise about procedure.
Ans. Yes, the one I found. following steps.

35. You want to go away from society
Ans. Yeah, I need a Guru and want to go away from Society etc.

36. You have been doing Havan in mind when activating kundilini and giving ahuti. Where you said sanskrit words where you even dont know the meaning.
Ans. Yeah yeah last year I was doing it a lot as cant to physically.

37. When you study you dont like to read books but read from Google and tries read a single code and research on it by using it multiple times in different ways. Even if you read books you skip pages to reach to code which you need.
Ans. Hahaha, Yeah yeah yeah, I do that only
P. You need a book with big letters and pictures. Also on your computer/browser you zoom and read it.
Ans. haha. Oh Yeah exactly. Yahi to hota hai

38. You are not able to organise yourself and get very messy, lazy with no routine and should follow routine.
Ans. Yes, I am trying too and I need to.

Father Navy main the. He started a private bus but someone complained about opening private business. but he had to stop it but for time it worked they made good money. Now earning through house rental income.
dadi had been anti to father.
For dada, papa constructed a factory but grandfather asked to sell it so has to sell it.

39. Your Dadi was very Blunt and Nani wasn't very rich.
Ans. Yes, Dadi was blunt and well to do but nani wasn't.

40. Be careful not to eat awkward medicine,
I have eaten money plants, tasted acid like sulphuric acid. Some girl was irritating me. It tasted sour

41. You eat very strange Awkward experimental Foods which no one eats
Ans. Yes, Have eaten Aloe-Vera and Cactus Vegetable
As per mail received
My family has often described my eating habits as un-understandable and weird. Mainly they say that I combine two foods which doesn't make sense or taste to their taste buds. An example would be mixing tea & coffee together and then drinking. I named this drink coftea.

Other example would be mixing tea in Goldschlager alcohol(yet to try).

Here comes the bomb! I even drink my own body fluids(actual word changed) as it is permissible & recommended by Ayurveda, only if some day my Vajroli or the kundalini rising through ejaculation prevention yogic technique fails( happens rarely ).
Then, drinking my Body Fluid secreted in summer(Actual word changed) is nothing comparatively.
I used to eat my sister's hair in childhood apart from acid and other things I told you on call.

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Re: Kundlini, Conversation with Shiva, Game with life and Death - Aardra at play

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Observations/Predictions by Amey for record

[15:52, 02/08/2020] LA Astrologer Amey Subhash: Uttarbhadrapada nakshatra is associated with powerful kundalini shakti. If 7th or 8th is in this nakshatra they have very powerful kundalini experience.
This person doesn't have the combination to get married, he will always be single
This person will never be interested in doing any job or business
Extremely violent and perverted thoughts will rise in his mind
Father must have been very dharmic or righteous person

[15:56, 02/08/2020] LA Astrologer Amey Subhash: His mother must have been from a financially sound family and she could be the eldest from her family.
Also she must be very materialistic and arrogant in nature

[15:58, 02/08/2020] LA Astrologer Amey Subhash: The father must have been separated from his siblings or living separately.

[16:01, 02/08/2020] LA Astrologer Amey Subhash: This guy will always oscillate between material world and spiritual world. On One day he will want to be materialistic and on other day a spiritualist.
He will have lots of panic and anxiety issues early in his childhood.

[16:08, 02/08/2020] LA Astrologer Amey Subhash: At one point in his life I suspect he will leave the home for his spiritual pursuit and during his travel he will meet is guru.
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