Pending Karma, Tantra, Transit of Rahu Mercury at Play

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Pending Karma, Tantra, Transit of Rahu Mercury at Play

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This was a quick consultation were I was pre-occupied with other consultations and wasn't taking in new consultation. However when person contacted me that time I asked what the issue (Which is not usual of me) and wasn't expecting big issue so that I can schedule consultation accordingly. Also this client is my regular client.

Client Replied as - The child body is having itching on whole body from past few years and doctors are not able to solve it.
"Use puri body me bahut khujali ho rahi or kafi time se dr. Ko dikha rahi but koi Fayada nahi ho raha to abhi bhabhi ka phone aya ki apse ek baar baat kar le"

I asked for kid's chart and said That I know why its happening. Rahu and Mercury transit is going on. (This person is also learning astrology thus I have used Graha names in Chat and Call)

When I received the chart details it had conjunction of Rahu and mercury in 12th house with Mandi, Gullika, GL and A8 Pada all in sign of Virgo. I highlighted and sent the chart back. I knew where to focus and also asked for family members charts for reference.

Client ID: A1106
Date: September 4, 2015
Time: 10:56:00
Place: 83 E 00' 00", 25 N 20' 00"
Varanasi, India
Nakshatra: Krittika (Su) (58.07% left)
Tithi: Sapthami (Sa) (75.44% left)

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1. Besides Skin Disorder she will also have sleeping disorder and anxiety/breathing issues
Ans. Yes, She is not able to sleep for long and breathing/anxiety issues at times due to which mother is exhausted and asked to talk to you.

2. Father ne govt ke paper work main koi ghotala kiya hai. This is across charts of all family members. Which was confirmed
Ans. Uske kagaz ghar pade hue hai... accounts. Father's papers are kept there.

3. Grand Father's (Paternal) (Signification of Rahu) has some old papers in kept in same room. Remove them from there
Ans. Yes, Dada ke kagaz usi room pe rakhe hai. Newspaper cuttings and related

4. Somehow, I can see Tantra activity with Grand Father.
Ans. [20:21, 27/03/2020] Yes
[20:27, 27/03/2020] 1982 me vo expair ho gaye the
[20:29, 27/03/2020] Suicide tha
[20:29, 27/03/2020] AJ papa se pucha maine

5. He must have died by eating/drinking something like Jadi Butti (Awkword plant as medicine)
Ans. Yes, he died by eating some plant experiment. Kuch khane se hua tha jadi booti

6. Photo of Kali ma or related stuff should be there. Waha Kali ma ki Photo ya saman bhi raka hua hoga. Kali ma ki photo unhone hi rakhi thi na.
Ans. Yes there was a Kali ma Photo being worshipped by Grand Father. That photo was submurged by mother in river some time back. That picture was of Rudra Roop of Kali Ma.
"Hanji, Waha ek Kali Ma Ki photo padi hui thi. Rudra roop kali maa ki jo different hai regular humari kali ma ki photo se. Mummy ne woh mandir main rakh di thi.
But vo kali ji ki photo bahut dono tak puja ki almari me rakhi thi fir mammi ne shayad use bahva diya nadi me"

7. Since when I have pointed out Kali Ma Picture since then 7-8 times Kali ma has indicated me her presence (Nimit). I have not used Kali Ma name till now in consultations and I don't think about her or remember her Still could observe her presence. There is more story to it.
Ans. Prateek, yeh aapko to nuksan nahi pahunchayega na. Hope it will not harm you.
P. No its just showing that we are going on right track.

8. Don't Mind but there GrandFather was also involved in some kind of molestation(Gadbad) with Small kids like girls in his practice. Whole family will have skin issues.
Ans. Cant confirm that. Yes, Father also having skin disorders of different kind and Mother of Child seems to start sufferring

9. Where you have ancestor property there should be a temple where your Grandfather used to worship. Get pooja done there if possible of Kali Ma and ChandraGhanta as your call came on Day 3 of Navratra of ChandraGhanta and focus is of Kali ma too.
Ans. You know there is a Temple of ChandraGhanta / Kali Ma in our old place where Grand Father used to go.

10. For now till the time you cant do this pooja due to lockdown. Ask mother of child to Worship Devi Chandra Ghanta who is number 3(mercury) devi of the day in Navratra days and make prasad and give to kid by keeping hand on kids head. Also your call came in during Navratra which started on Wednesday so your call timing is perfect even remedy also came in same day. Further incase situation deteriorates then take Prana to do pooja of Kali ma and ChandraGhanta after lockdown.
Ans. Prateek bhai ki beti ko thora sa kuch relaxation feel hua hai jisse vo raat me sone lagi hai

Latest Feedback - After many years the kid is able to get relieve from the disease and able to sleep after so long. Now in lockdown if they sense any upcoming issue they worship ChandraGhanta Devi.

Now they made me their family astrologer {:smiley:}

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2. Uncle Afflicted by Tantra (Chart for reference and learning) (11th house-8th house)

I will update story in few days. For now, there was a haunted ancestral house where uncle stayed specially in a particular bed room and got mad where Tantra was done and family knows who did it. Native have seen the room with his own eyes where the windows handle stopper used to shake and vibrate even when no wind is running. Causing goose bumps to native.

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