Mix Case Studies for research

People can share their personal charts in here while astrologers can reply minor questions.
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Mix Case Studies for research

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Client ID : A1059
Date: January 5, 1983
Time: 00:41
Place: 75 E 39' 00", 32 N 17' 00"
Pathankot, India

Vedha of Jupiter


1. Ovarian cyst and got operated by removal of one/partial ovary on January 21-23, 2013 by Laparoscopic Surgery
2. Second last finger of left foot is deformed and shorter than other fingers in such a way that it doesn't touch the ground (Medical Term - brachymetatarsia).
3. Mother got Colon/Rectal Cancer detected in April 2015 and Chemo therapy treatment thereafter. (5th to 4th = 8th House - Stomach of Mother)
4. Castro-phobia of closed places causing anxiety and Breathlessness
5. Can't go for high death risk adventures including Giant Wheel. Body shivers after such experience.
6. Phobia of expectations of getting bad In-Laws. At same time Narcissistic behaviour when there is news of incidences of in-laws getting punished in some general way or dowry case with boy.
7. Have worked for NGO's related to uplifting females from prostitution as feminist.
8. Fear of Black Magic and related experiences at early age.
9. Younger brother borne with 10 years of difference.
10. In 2015 Client had a choice to get married or Mother. Native chose mother,career and cancelled marriage.

Ketu Related Predictions
1. House Main gate has levelling issues and always need repairs.
2. Not in touch with Neighbours & Belief that one neighbour (a lady) does Black Magic on them (3rd house Jupiter in Scorpion sign)

Kindly share your predictions/feedback on this chart or similar.

ID: A1007
Date: May 1, 1995
Time: 22:09:00
Place: 85 E 58' 00", 23 N 47' 00"
Bokaro, India
Sun, Moon & Mercury Vedha


1. Worked in NGO related to saving girl child & Saving Minor Girl Rape victims
2. Younger brother met an accident in 2012 and got his feet operated.
3. Bua (Father's Sister) got PCOS/Overian Cyst

ID A1034
Date: June 16, 1983
Time: 9:00:00
Place: 81 E 30' 00", 16 N 50' 00"
Tadepalligudem, India
Me, Mo, (Ju) Vedha

1. Fracture of Ankle end of 2005, 4 months after marriage
2. Wife with PCOS/PCOD/Ovarian Cyst
3. His second project in career was his baby project and people used to say same. Where he cried when project got over.

ID A1038
Date: February 17, 1985
Time: 11:22:00
Place: 75 E 22' 00", 32 N 26' 00"
Kanpur, India

1. Mother with issues under the feet with mutiple treatments done
2. Younger sister with PCOS/Ovarian Cyst

ID : 1067
Date: August 3, 1994
Time: 17:00:00
Place: 81 E 51' 00", 25 N 27' 00"
Allahabad, India
1. Your life shows inclination and business towards social causes of helping rape victim girls. Somehow you get energy out of it.
Ans. At time of 1st consultation 6 months, she was working in social service organisation
Ans b. A week back or so she had consultation again and told me that she has started NGO business helping rape victims in Lucknow.
2. Client and her sister both have Ovarion Cyst/PCOS
3. Claustrophobic and fear of heights including dreams.
Other Predictions
4. You get sick a lot, however when you do you fight yourself out well
Ans. True, I get sick a lot and I fight myself out through it. It gives me strength.
5. You are very attached to your mother then father
Ans. True, she is my favourite
6. Somehow I can see heart issue in family. Be careful about you and your father for anything related to it. Its serious and may lead to ICU scenarios.
Ans. My father got admitted in ICU for 20 days or so due to a stroke.
I also have been admitted to ICU myself as I have a hole in my heart and will need surgery for it.
7. You have a habit of collecting very old items as mementos even if they are damaged like clothes etc and you love them out. One of clothes might have blood stains on them. Do remove them
Ans. Astonished and yes have a favourite school dress with blood stain on it since childhood which is torned up and some toys that I don’t want to throw.
8. You create relations very quickly (BF) but they do not workout well and breaks
Ans. True

ID: A1068
Date: March 3, 2003
Time: 3:00:00
Place: 75 E 39' 00", 32 N 17' 00"
Pathankot, India
Rahu & Ketu Vedha
1. Born with deformed feet and had to do multiple operations/surgeries. Still feet is not completely resolved and there is difficulty in walking.

ID: A1070
Date: May 2, 1956
Time: 3:01:00
Place: 77 E 17' 00", 30 N 06' 00"
Yamunanagar, India
Rahu, (Saturn), Mercury & Sun

1. Fungal infection in nails of Feet
2. Nerves issue in feet and no sensation at front under the feet.
3. Mother was important factor in life. Wife faced torture because of it however later travelled and chose wife.
4. Can not take leaves and even worked on holiday. Even LTA gets carried forwarded to coming years. Here 6th house Jupiter in sign of cancel also plays prominent role.

ID A1073
Date: August 29, 1988
Time: 15:00:00
Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"
Delhi, India
Sun Vedha

1. Feet got deformed post accident and had to put metal plate in feet.

ID A1071
Date: June 8, 1958
Time: 5:00:00
Place: 77 E 17' 00", 30 N 06' 00"
Yamunanagar, India
Vedha of Venus


1. Father died days before marriage
2. Native had to choose between mother and marriage - Native choose marriage to ease of responsibility of family.

ID A1051
Date: August 24, 1980
Time: 13:00:00
Place: 76 E 37' 00", 28 N 11' 00"
Rewari, India
As, Su, Me vedha

1. You have ovarian cyst, mensuration cycle issues
Other Predictions
1. It rained on day you got married
Ans. It rained a day before marriage on early functions of marriage. It was 1st rainfall of season after which it got very cold in marriage.
2. You had shortage/damage/loss of flowers (Decoration)
Ans. Yes, We had issues but my parents didn't give me detail.
3. You have old broken Bangles or Bracelets kept safely.
Ans. Yes, I have kept old broken marriage bangles kept safely
4. You have Novels/books in Bedroom related to love stories/Accounts
Ans. Yes I have my Shop Accounts books, Love Stories books & Cooking books in my bedroom.
5. You have Red color in bedroom
Ans. No my bedroom walls are green
P. I cant see green as per chart. Whats the Bed-Sheet color.
Ans. Yes... Yes, I have 70%-80% collection of Red bed Sheets..
6. You have sleep disorder with dreams related to accident and death
Ans. Yes... A lot. strange dreams related to accident and death
7. You have a small temple on height. But you don't pray as not being religious but spiritual.
Ans. Yes - Lakshmi Ganesh, Its on such a height that hand can also not reach. I don't pray or do anything.
8. Kisi bhagwan ko specifically nahi mante par ladai karte ho
Ans. Haha, Yeah that's right. Main bas bhagwan se ladti hoon
9. You have a Royal Chair which only you use
Ans. Yeah, I have favorite Spa Luxury chair. I only use it.
10. You are not core believer of destiny or astrology just doing for fun with no major issues as you even have sufficient savings being your father a very wealthy and prominent person.
Ans. Yes, That's right, We are from prominent family. I have good savings from father. No major issues, Just checking for growth in life in my hobby of Cake making.
11. If you want to keep going for Cake Business from home then sell it to Premium/Niche clients only with innovative cooking.
Ans. Yeah, I prefer that only.
12. Health gets weak easily
Ans. I get sick easily
13. Remedy - Plant a Neem Tree
Ans. I have 2 Meetha Neem Tree planted in my bedroom's balcony and 1 small Peeple tree(Sacred Fig) and Mogra

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