DaraKaraka and Spouse Predictions

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DaraKaraka and Spouse Predictions

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Cancer Ascendant .. 7th house Capricorn, Saturn in 6th, Mercury as Dara karaka, Mercury with Sun in 5th house

Prediction: Your spouse is quick in his actions and ever ready to face consequences
Reply : True. Too abrupt sometimes

Prediction 2: Your spouse loves a working wife
Reply: True

Prediction 3: He's very charitable, and feels that seva lies outside temple. In temples if you ask him to donate 100, he will donate 50, but else where basically poor people and all he will donate more
Reply: Very true. He is very generous, will donate to delivery guys, drivers.

Prediction 4: You like intelligent, street smart guys more than knowledgeable guys, who are silent and don't do loose talking
Reply: You spoke my heart

Prediction 5: Your spouse will go to places, where there is some activity to do. Even if he goes to a beautiful place, in ten minutes he will say okay now lets go and do some activity.
Reply: Yes Yes true. Well now his ideas are changing

Prediction 6: If a child is asked to carry the institution of marriage all by himself, don't you think it will be a too much of a burden on him, which he would not enjoy and breakdown halfway
Reply: Thats exactly the case.... though he appears experienced, its still a huge burden for him

Prediction 7: Your spouse is quick witted and his jokes are filled with lots of sarcasms. He's not of the dark fantasy types, rather respectable, but filled with sarcasms, egoistic
Reply: Very true

Prediction 8: Your spouse's way of eating is like a worker, he can eat stale and fermented food, where he finds every food tastes alike, whereas you are fine dining type
Reply: Very true, But he tricked me into before marriage. Booked a table in Taj Vivanta, Four Seasons

Prediction 9: Your spouse hides his emotional side through work remaining busy, he keeps on planning every minute details
Reply: TRue. Tough man without emotion. Am sick of seeing him that way

Prediction 10: He spends a lot on gadgets, which are very small in size and not bulky, whichever smallest thing works as per his requirement, it will be in your house
Reply: OMG. Extremely true. He feels he invests money on electronics and I waste money on home decor

Prediction 11: He will normally not approach anyone easily for help
Reply: Very very true

Prediction 12: He doesn't like surprises and he mostly understands black and white, there's no grey for him
Reply: This is driving me crazy. How are you getting all these. Very true

Prediction: He is logically very strong and his way of communication is he gives partial information and feels people should understand him completely, when people fail to do so, he feels people are not intelligent and smart enough to understand him and this irritates him.
Reply: Extremely true

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