This article took a lot of love, time and care to be ready. It's like a sacred space to relive the moments under the blessings of Gurus. The article seems to be very timed in line with destiny’s ways to intune it to Jupiter’s transit and Dasha.

Thus every heart felt word here is sacred and as time passes will be updating it with more flower of words.

Glad to have my Gurus coming in my life with 

  • ChildHood GuruMother

    Every child has mother as their Guru while for me her interest in spirituality and arya samaji way of pooja motivated me to move in line of spirituality
  • Spiritual GuruSwami Sivananda, Baba ji

    Might not be in physical form but in form of a book Sivananda showed me and made me believe on authentic experiences possible in spirituality. Baba ji on other hand could predict without any chart or technique with utmost accuracy.
  • Astrology GuruKRS, Amit bhaiya

    In astrology may be there will be any one who does not know cool ways of KRS to teach. For everyone to start his videos becomes the first guide. On other hand my Family astrologer being tremendous support in guiding and creating curiosity in me for Astrology
  • Jyotish GuruDeepanshu ji

    Deepanshu ji have been always on side with his profound techniques in jyotish. His best wishes is motivating me to move forward in this line full time.
  • Yogic GuruSadhguru

    Everyone knows sadhguru with his scientific approach towards inner engineering. Its a potent mix to club jyotish and yoga to improve on every aspect possible

Deepanshu ji

Jyotish Guru

Walking on this path, I stumbled upon Deepanshu ji, which changed my life forever, he gave me confidence that Jyotish can be my full-time thing, this confidence pushed me to explore myself deeper and dedicate my all to Jyotish.

When saying anything about him words fell short while it feels to keep on going like a stuti with deep connection we share.

I loved the video of Deepanshu ji mentioning the relation of Guru Shishya so well that I asked him in 2021 to upload and share when I start. Thus sharing this.

While before that in one of his sessions his free flowing appreciation and recommendation is a great blessing.

With Deepanshu Ji's blessings,   I am starting planned Jyotish Course publicly based on my discussions with him when I went to Kedarnath(4 dham) trip in 2022.

🕉 Guruve Namah 🕉

Happy Guru Purnima

July 3, 2023