Astrology in Air & on Move – Part 3


  1. Pooja Goel says:

    Hi Prateek,
    It’s always been a great learning reading your posts.
    This time I think u started with gemini in second house for mother in law.leo asc u r talking about.

  2. User Avatar Annkur aggarwal says:

    Wonderful blog as always prateek ji,

    Bassy voice becoz of saturn, all family members have it becoz saturn in 2nd house (may b retro also), food wastage saturn moon in 2nd house, variety in food gemini moon or taurus mercury, vegetable cutting in precise manner mercury mars retrograde 3rd house, health and family cautious becoz of ketu in lagan, lower abdomen issues and operations there due to rahu 7th, less and setting sunlight sun in 7th.

  3. Neha Shanker Yadav says:

    Squeaky voice- Mercury effect

  4. User Avatar JK says:

    Its very good & informatic
    Thanks for share

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