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Nirupma Sharma

It was a great & fantabulous experience to talk to Prateek Sir.He is a man of wisdom & patience. He gave us very simple & easy remedies to eradicate bad effects of vastu & planets as well.I recommend his name for consultation for each & every problem which anyone is facing.Thanks a lot Sir make us feel light after your consultation. Our best wishes for your bright future. Prateek Arora Astrologer Review

Archana Mishara

I wish I could give more than 5star or a moon to him . He is very very humble every prediction was spot on. He has suggested very practical remedy nothing like wear this or this jem stone , he would suggest you a remedy which help you to heal psychologically and practically. I think this is something which only a good astrologer can do . I have had a very bad day today and counseling with him is the best thing which happened to me . He has covered very big area in my consultation without worrying about time . I could not express the relief which i have got from him into words. If you are worried or don't know what to do in life and want peace just take his consultation.

Parul Srivastava

I am still laughing and smiling on myself. I am like, yes! This is what is happening with me and this is what I do. For example, I eat a lot when angry, I swear, no one, no one knows this. Only people I tell know this. In this first minute of astrology consultation, you get this. The smile only got broadened. Excellent! Awesome! Wonderful! For people looking for emotional healing, please talk to him, he will bring a smile on your face along with a bandage on your heart. This was the happiest I am feeling after getting a reading. May you always be happy and Vishnu fulfill all your wishes. I cannot thankyou enough for what I am feeling right now. That was so so good. Thankyou! Thankyou !?thankyou !!!

Pavan kumar Pothuraju

Dear Prateek Arora ji, I am very much grateful to get consultation from you to my wife . ,During Consultation whatever your astrology predictions are absolutely correct .My wife is following whatever vedic remedies given by you .Thank you for your guidance.

Antima Goel

Namaskar. Speaking to Prateek ji gave me connect just after few minutes. He could relate to my mindset through my birth chart in wonderfully accurate manner although he had to identify correct birthtime for me in the process. Initially after having said my focus on past life karma and Birth time rectification was beyond scope of proposed astrology reading, by the end of session he fully satisfied my doubts about Ascendent and focus area of my life , Gave me more than ample time , simple remedies explaining reasoning and patient hearing and it was a delight hearing and understanding life pattern read by him through the horoscope. Amazed and look forward to continual guidance by LunarAstro. In gratitude, Humble regards to Deepanshu Sir and Prateek ji

Sattwik Guha

He is a true gentle man the way he was talking impressed me ,Thanks for giving me the extra time ,and his style of prediction is very good , consultation with him is highly recommended

Shubhangi Vegad

Thank you sir for the astro consultation. It was really good experience. You gave the predictions and remedies with the logic and it made me understood the pattern easily. Thank you Sir ..

Priyanka S

Experience of jyotish consultation with Prateek Ji is unexplainable. First two thing about my surroundings that he called out just blew my mind it felt has if he had a satellite view over my house. 5 stars is just not enough to describe the experience. It felt like a self discovery session which gives a better judgment/approach towards life. He was able to pin point critical phases of life and accuracy was at par. His approach towards logically connecting events and actions was amazing. How one energy impacting in positive or negetiv way to another. Very therapeutic session I would say and highly recommend to everyone to have the experience at least once. Can’t thank you enough.


I am writing this review right after my consultation ended at midnight, never have I have ever done such a detailed review for anyone as I am not very good at expressing myself with clarity, but Prateek ji is an exceptional vedic astrology consultant, absolutely beyond words to express my sincere gratitude. After having read his mind blowing reviews here on this portal, I was desperate to get his consultation for past two weeks. However, he was unavailable here and that added to my agony and was waiting for him to turn up. As they say somethings in life are destined to happen, I was scrolling this portal and to my surprise found Prateek ji was available for consultation when I was least expecting. I tried to book for an hour's consultation with him , however, could only book for 30 mins due to some technical glitch in this portal. My consultation was initially scheduled for morning 10:00 am, however, after asking few general queries, he asked whether he can reschedule it for the night after his last consultation for the day and I readily agreed. He reasoned that since I am a very emotional person, my connect with him will be much better once my mind is clear of the day's distractions which I found to be reasonable. I had pinged him through the portal at night 10:30 PM to know whether he is done for the day's schedule and he responded promptly. Thereafter, he started reading my birth chart and it was an absolutely blissful experience for me, felt surreal. How can someone be so good at reading someone's mind thread-bare, it still astonishes me. The total session had extended way beyond 1.5 hours and still he asked me before forwarding the extended session invoice to the portal which was just for 1 hour. I readily agreed as I was more than willing to do the needful. I am fond of getting Astro-consultations just for the sake of listening and have spent a fortune on them for the myriad remedies none of which has brought relief. I am glad that my quest has ended well. Thank you Deepanshu Ji and Lunar Astro. I hope to be your student someday when the stars get aligned. Words won't be enough to describe the experience I had with Prateek ji. I am a fan of his for life. My sincere gratitude to you Prateek ji for the mind-blowing session and clearing the cob-webs that had entangled my mind. Wish there were 5 stars and beyond, God Bless!


It was a great experience to take a consultation with Mr. Prateek Sir. He understands all my problems and guides me in a very good manner with a solution. I visited many vedic astrologers before taking astrology consultation with Prateek Sir. Now I can proudly say that my journey of finding a very good astrologer is the end of now. Prateek Sir understands all my problems and helps me in a very good manner without any time bondation. After taking jyotish consultation I feel very good and energetic. Thanks to Lunar Astro for a very good and fine astrologer. And of course thanks to Prateek Sir for your valuable guidance.

Sarika Agrawal

I took up astrology consultation for my younger brother as he is facing a huge loan issue. Prateek was able to correctly point out some of his habits and problem he has with his employees. The solution which he gave is practical for the person I know my brother is. Previously, he did a very detailed consultation for me. He was able to point out some of my habits from my childhood and my connection to GOD. My soul level connection to my father and the understanding which we had for each other was amazingly explained by Prateek astrologer. The remedy which he gave for migraine headache ,which I am still to perform as it needs to be done in India. But the interim solution given to take Sankalp at the time of migraine also helped. I thank Deepanshu Giri Astrologer Sir for bringing outstanding astrologers.


It was not just an astrology consultation but also a counselling session. I waited so long to get a consultation with Prateek ji and it was totally worth it!! He started with basic predictions and then got into the root of it all, ending with the remedies. He was super generous with time, an outstanding listener, Patient to answer all questions and very warm in approach. Predictions were spot-on. Prateek ji, you read me like a book. Thank you so much, I feel better, Lighter and happier :) I highly recommend!!!

Urvi Shah

Prateek really made a sincere effort to study my chart. He was least bothered about overshooting the consultation time and was more interested in ensuring that he was doing justice to the consultation. He asked me multiple questions to ensure that he had got the correct understanding of my chart and didn't move to actual predictions or remedies till he was sure that he had correctly interpreted my birth chart. I also liked that he was honest with his readings and didn't sugarcoat anything and yet was very positive. I'd really want to consult him in future for any other life situations.


Prateek ji is a kind human being and of course a Great Vedic Astrologer. Has deep insights and knowledge about Astrology and makes spot on predictions with very simple remedies for anyone to perform . Very generous of him to give so much extra time which was way ahead of the allotted 30 mins . Wish him greater heights for future and look forward to meet again.

Veena Panjwani

It was G8 talking to astrologer Prateek Sir. He has too much of patience to listen to client problems. His analysis was accurate in my case. In connection to your advise after seeing my planetary positions, I thank you for your divine intervention that has rubbed on a positive effect on my good self. I will be following the broader guidelines as shared by your esteemed self and will do the rituals without fail. The same, will have profound calming effects, I believe. Thanking you once again and look forward to your continued and divine guidance, navigation and support. Regards Veena.

Krishna Priya

Got truthful straight answers for all my questions. Prateek Sir gave simple remedies crafted as per the horoscope. Thank you for your patient reading Sir.

Kumari Lata Janga

The consultation went well, it was detailed and was not at all hurried. Although most predictions resonated with how I used to behave or think in the past, it was still true. I am happy to have consulted Prateek astrologer to get some answer I had been searching for so long. Thankyou for that. I wish and hope you excel more & more as a predictive astrologer.


I was lucky to get a consultation from Prateek last Friday, you will be amazed by his predictive skills especially the past events and blockade points. He was very thorough in the predictions and the suggested remedies are very practical. Half an hour would pass just like that, although I exceeded the 1h limit he was very generous with the time. The consultation will appear as if you are talking to a friend, he has a very down to earth personality. If you want to know what is actually “prediction” then have a consultation with Prateek astrologer you will be amazed by his knowledge and insights, overall an excellent experience. I’m expecting a job-related event, will update in a month. It’s a short review, hopefully you get the point. Thank you Lunarastro and thank you Prateek for such an insightful reading.

harsh vardhan

Excellent is the word. Thank you Prateek ji


It was Wonderful session with astrologer Prateek. He understands your psychological key issues which reflect in your chart and give suggestions accordingly. I strongly recommend his consultation.


Prateek ji is a healer. Second to none. And if you get a chance even to talk with him consider yourself being blessed by the almighty. The mundane life problems will occur and shall be resolved anyways.. But what really matters is our attitude towards our life.. He is no doubt the best professional astrologer but what he really helped me with is how to be a better human being.. He did extended the session for my convenience and contributed his valuable time. This indeed is a big support and service one can do for the fellow mankind. Thankyou for the reading and support.

Sudhir Soni

Main Apni Consultation Ke 2 Din Baad Apni Review De Raha Hu... Kyonki Mujhe Prateek Ji Ki Baato Ko Samjhane Me Waqt Laga Ya Kahu Ki Meri Itni Badi Problem Ka Solution Itni Chhoti Si Remedies Hai ..Par Kafi Deep Analysis Karne Ke Baad Mujhe Laga Jaruri Nahi Ki Apki Problem Bari Ho To Solution Bhi Uske Bade Hi Ho...Qnki Jo Anubhavi Hoga Use Pata Hota Hai Ki Kanha Talwaar Aur Kanha Sui Ka Upyog Karna Hai... Prateek Ji Behad Saral Aur Anubhavi Astrologer Hai...Aur Sabse Khash Baat Vo Apki Baato Ko Pura Sunte Hai .. Bahut Kuchh Bacha Hai Janane Ke Liye Fir Se Appointment Le Kar Jarur Consultation Karunga ... Aur Ek Baat Ke Liye Prateek Ji Thank You Jo Mere Samay Se Bhi Jyada Waqt Apne Mujhe Diya


I’m so glad that I had a consultation with Prateek sir and also thanks to Lunar Astro. Firstly, it’s really appreciable that he listens to your issues very patiently and secondly he amazed me by his predictions. They are very accurate and I really appreciate it. Then the solution part came, he gave me very easy to perform remedies which I believe will enlighten my future pathways. He predicted and gave solutions in one go. Really got amazed and grateful to you for your consultation.

N. Acharya

Just had consultation with Prateek Ji. Every predictions were correct as he said. He didnt rush, tried to explained every issues and gave remedies which I will do .Thank you Prateek Ji and I will highly recommend him for astrology consultation. Thank you once again.

Jas Sidhu

I can’t rave enough about Prateek’s innate abilities as a astrologer. He was extremely intuitive and put together some very tricky health related remedies. While remedies for those that live in India are easier to perform for people that have pending karma, Prateek crafted very specific remedies that can be done by clients in North America. He could read to the depths of the astrological chart and subconscious personality traits that have led to some very serious health issues. I will update the post in 4 months after employing the remedies to report back on how well the remedies are working. I would recommend Prateek to anyone and I will definitely be coming back to him for another session. Thanks, Prateek! I’m very impressed by you!

Pavani K

Sir pinpointed very basics of my behavior from the chart. He gave very simple remedy how to overcome my issue. Thank you once again for the detailed emphasis and helping me out through.


Tooo good session.. pinpointed the problem..gave simple remedy..really enjoyed the session..thanks alot ...


Prateek ji has very good predictive abilities. He predicted past events 101% correctly. He pinpointed health issues which I am undergoing now and it was fully correct as he said that you are suffering from "ulcerative colitis" which really amazed me. Will definitely do the remedies given by him to solve my problem. Recommend everyone to consult with him. He also extended the session by half an hour until I was completely satisfied and my all questions were answered. May God bless Prateek ji

Neha Gautam

It was great experience overall in all segments of my life ..Mr Parteek pin pointed every aspect of my chart ..nd few things he said was exactly true like word to word in my life.i was so amazed to know that he is blessed with such a deep knowledge about pending karma nd future predictions .Thanks for your time sir ..will highly recommend ur website to my family nd friends .

Harish Kumar Arora

I came to you in confusing status for the future.  I am overwhelmed by knowing accurate study of my past horoscope.  I am really surprised by your understanding on the subject. Thanks for showing me  future clear opportunities path forward.

Gaurav Singh

Once again Thanks a lot Sir! I wish to meet you some day in person. You are a gem by astrology and by nature as you didn't judge me. I hope to become your good friend. Do let me know if I can ever help you in any way by Lord's grace. It will be my pleasure.

Isha sharma

His calculations are spot on. He could pinpoint the exact issues and explained them at great length. Although the session was for half an hour he was thorough with the reading and didn't rush at all. I highly recommend taking a reading for him you surely won't be disappointed :)

Ankit Agarwal

Had a wonderful session with Mr. Prateek and he gave us simple and practical remedies for my father. He is a very friendly and engaging person, gave us a lot of extra time without feeling any rush, that's so kind of him. He had done great research. He spent time and covered many things. He told us about the lineage curse. He addressed the problem in a very sorted manner and gave simple remedies. I would definitely recommend him to others.

Aditya Garg

I am Awestruck with the excellent predictions given by prateek ji. Thank you so much sir for the simple remedies and guidance. Soul and Signs reviews

Apoorv Mahajan

Very good session with Prateek sir.

Prateek Tamrakar

Wow, Awesome predication done by Prateek ji. You have nailed it. Thank you so much for Remedies. Will keep sharing the feedback.


Was looking for remedies for job and issues regarding health. His initial confirmations sought were really surprising. The interaction was very resourceful and purposeful. He had done great research. My issues were very well addressed and I was amused by his accuracy of findings. I would also like to appreciate his way of explaining things, with so much patience. Highly recommended.


I don't generally give reviews or even 5 star reviews .But the time and effort and the sincerity with which Prateekji gave the consultation was worthy of this review. He has a very unique way of approaching things and problems in your life and trying to pinpoint the reasons why you could be having issues. He gave very eerily accurate predictions and great remedies which i found practical and also backed it up with great reasoning. Though I had opted for a relationship focused reading but his advices and remedies for past karma were highly useful and answered many of my pending questions. Highly Recommended!


He is simply awesome! I was really excited to get my reading as he was doing the general prediction .It was really satisfying to know that how accurate one can predict in areas of life!. Thankful to Prateek sir

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